Your Questions Answered

Below are some of the commonly asked questions regarding Graphogen. Hopefully these answer your questions, but if you are still unsure, why not get in touch

What is the best way to apply Graphogen?  

Graphogen can be applied by your finger or a brush.  Coat all components liberally with the compound. 


Will Graphogen damage my engine?  

On the contrary, Graphogen will prevent any potential rubbing or scuffing of moving parts, prior to the engine oil reaching these parts.  The Graphogen compound will simply mix with the engine oil on start-up.  


Why should I use Graphogen instead of any other lubricants?  

The principle benefit of Graphogen is that it is a paste and, as such, remains on the components and does not run off.  This is a particular benefit if an engine build takes a little time to come together or the engine is going to be stored prior to use.  


Does Graphogen just come in the 125g tube?  

No - in 2017 we launched our new 50g blister pack.  This tube has been specifically developed to provide sufficient Graphogen for a single engine build.  


Does Graphogen have a recommended shelf life?  

There is no 'use by' date for Graphogen.  The make up of Graphogen will not alter if it has been stored correctly, which is out of direct sunlight and in a cool environment.  


How much is a tube of Graphogen? 

Our 125g tube retails at £30, inc VAT.  Trade suppliers can contact us to discuss discount for a bulk order.

Our brand new 50g blister pack tube retails at £15, inc VAT.  This has been created for those engine enthusiasts who might just need enough Graphogen for a single engine build.   


How long will delivery take?

We will endeavour to despatch your order the same day.  Small quantities will be sent by Royal Mail.  Larger orders will be sent by Courier on a next day service.  Prices will be confirmed prior to shipment.  


Do you deliver outside the UK?

We can deliver World Wide - prices for delivery would be discussed on an individual basis.




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